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"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives." - James Madison

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If 9-11 went down as we have been told, there should be very few anomalies. That is, unanswered questions concerning the facts pertaining to that day. Right? Two important points worth mentioning: if the 'hijackers' did pull this unreal stunt off, why not crash into the 5-6 nuclear power plants (entire US listing by state -- see map here) they flew over or better yet, why not crash into the Whitehouse. If this went down the way we have been told there should be a trail. There should be a definitive timeline of activity such as records of hijacker activity, a money trail, a paper trail, CCTV video footage, names on flight manifests, Bin Laden accepting responsibility for the attacks etc. Unfortunately there is no trail. Furthermore, not one individual (if you buy into the 'official' version) was fired for incompetence. Why? That would require an investigation, which would reveal the lies. So we can deduce when there are holes in a story, someone is lying.

Reference Material
Events: Pre-Strike, Post-Strike and 9-11

There was insider trading connected to the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center that sparked worldwide controversy. In that story it has been reported how the Israeli Herzliyya Institute for Counter terrorism had documented that unknown individuals (with accurate foreknowledge of the attacks) had purchased an obvious and unusually large number of "put" options on United and American Airlines shortly before the attacks.

FBI agent, Mike Dick, aggressively investigated an Israeli spy ring before and after 9-11. But like O'Neill [ See: The mystery surrounding the death of John O'Neill] , he soon found himself removed from his duties on the orders of the then head of the Justice Department's Criminal Division Michael Chertoff. Dick was very suspicious when Israeli movers quickly moved Zim American Israeli Shipping Company out of its 10,000 square feet of office space on the 17th Floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The partially Israeli state-owned firm forfeited a $50,000 security deposit when it terminated its lease and vacated the building one-week prior to 9-11. Other groups and certain individuals had forewarning before 9-11 to stay away from the WTC complex. Employees of Odigo were given a warning to stay away from the WTC on 9-11. [See: Mossad deceived the US military on 9-11]

Ptech and the FAA
Why wasn't Ptech ever mentioned in the 9-11 Commission report? Why is the FAA being blamed for 9-11 without any mention of the appalling fact that Ptech was in the FAA for (at least) 2 years with access to their entire data blueprint and all FAA databases?

Perhaps as many as ten 'hijackers' are alive. As a result, we are going to dismiss reports of their activity entirely. There is no footage of them getting on any flights, not one is on any of the four passenger manifests, the flight school evidence is a fabrication and their 'movements' on the morning of 9-11 is a fabrication. Therefore we must conclude that a large piece of the government's story is a lie. We must also conclude the connection to Bin Laden is a lie. Therefore, invading Afghanistan and Iraq was an outright war crime. Perhaps they never existed in the first place and the flights never existed. Not unlike some credible theories concerning CGI aircraft (we only saw one) and holograph images of an airliner against a phony New York skyline. Witnesses testify that an explosion caused the 2nd strike hole, not an airliner (of course these accounts were never aired).

World Trade Center 1 was 208 ft x 208 ft x 1368. World Trade Center 2 was 208 ft x 208 ft x 1362. Together the twin towers weighed approximately 500 000 tons. Prior to 9-11 a steel structure never collapsed due to fires. On 9-11 three huge structures 'collapsed'. The towers were designed to take a hit by more than one jetliner. Also, proximity to airports would naturally lead the designers to account for a fully loaded and fuelled jetliner hitting the towers. In the cases of WTC1 and WTC2, the fires only burned for approximately an hour. These fires were oxygen starved, evident from the black smoke and lack of orange-red flames. Unlike the Windsor Tower in Madrid Spain that burned like a torch for over 20 hours.

Bright orange-red flames were licking up the entire structure of the Windsor Tower for 20 hours. The Windsor Tower did not collapse. One has to think, if you buy into the government lie, shouldn't all skyscrapers be reevaluated. That is, no smoking, no hotplates, no fireplaces, no open flames period! But no such warnings have materialized. Why use conventional explosives to implode buildings set for demolition, just spark them up and watch them fall down. This government lie is preposterous.

The Strike
Undergroundation.ca assumes no hijackers so this detail concerning hijacking aircraft and flying them into the structures could be removed from the entire scenario and the results still stand (or so to speak 'collapse'). UAV's are operating in the field as we speak. The technology to remotely fly airplanes has existed since 1980. Undergroundation.ca believes this is how part of the operation went down. [See Operation Pearl] Where was the FAA response to stray aircraft? Why were they confused? Routine procedures in place for decades saw fighters launched to intercept stray aircraft 67 times - or every five days on average - in 10 months leading up to June 2001. Where was the US air force on 9-11? The Pentagon is very heavily defended with SA missiles and other technology. In order to strike this structure with even a micro-light aircraft, one would need the automated defense computers to be neutralized. 'Hijackers', if they existed, did not have this capability.

The Collapse
Construction of the WTC began in 1969. One World Trade Center was completed in 1970, Two World Trade Center was finished in 1973. Never in their history were the towers powered down. However, just prior to 9-11 they were. CCTV cameras became inoperable and hordes of people had unfettered access to every nook and cranny of the towers. In fact, Marvin Bush was involved with Securacom, the company that powered down the structure. George W. Bush's brother was on the board of directors of a company providing electronic security for the World Trade Center, Dulles International Airport and United Airlines, according to public records.

Now the towers were hit by something. What appears to be oxygen starved fires are burning and heavy black smoke was billowing out of the structures. We believe, there were explosives planted for effect throughout WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7. Undergroundation.ca believes there were controlled demolition charges planted and used to bring down the towers; however, only from say the bottom floors (say 30-40ft down) to ground level. The weaponry science that caused the towers to melt like 4th of July sparklers was a direct energy beam weapon. The microwave has been around since the 1950's. This weapon caused molecular disassociation within the structural steel itself, in essence the steel evaporated into dust, causing anything attached to it to atomize as well.

Yes we have the collapse of a 2X110 story buildings that together weighed 500 000 tons; but the material we would expect to pile up is missing. What happened to contents of these buildings; the steel, desks, computers, safes, humans, filing cabinets, railings, two jetliners, water tanks, propane tanks, ducts, air conditioners, pipes, any metal - it has vanished! What do we have left? Some steel from the lower floor controlled implosions and paper - oh and a hijacker passport! [See: Issues with 9-11] We were told they collapsed. Well, where is this material? Why is it not there in the rubble pile? Usually even controlled demolition's leave behind approximately 10%, in height, of material of the original structure height after demolition. Do you see 200-300 feet tall pile of anything left. No me neither.

Survivors from floors above the impact zones managed to get around any smoldering fires, and continue downward only to find electricity in the stairwells and fresh air coming up from the floors below. Then minutes later the whole tower collapses in less than 10 seconds. This is nonsense. The government hoodwinked the public into thinking the laws of physics can be changed. Well they cannot be changed - this is why it is called a law. This link will give you a better understanding as to the weapons and science used to make three huge structures free fall like they were in a vacuum.

The particulate matter in the atmosphere after the collapse contained many chemicals that were not supposed to be there. People do not develop cancer in a week/month from asbestos inhalation. The first of fourteen search dogs to perish from strange tumors and illnesses, died in a week. Things like arsenic (As), potassium (K), molybdenum (Mo), and antimony (Sb) were present in the particulate matter. Chemicals like blue antimony (Sb) can be used as a conductor (like a copper wire) during DEW/Direct Laser weapons use.

There was a huge hurricane spinning just off the coast of Manhattan on 9-11. It was strongest on 9-10 and closest to land (Manhattan) on 9-11. This hurricane was named Erin, and these types of storms often accompany DEW weapons use. I bet you do not remember this hurricane, it was never mentioned by the media whores.

Land based cellphones did not function above 4000ft in 2001. You needed a satellite uplink for reliable service. Therefore, all activity attributed to the pilots, the crew, the 'hijackers' and passengers (concerning their heroic actions) that day was a lie. The made for television movie, "Let's Roll" is a lie.

Shanksville Pennsylvania
An aircraft did not plummet and crash into a 20ftX20ft hole in some field as a result of heroic actions. No, some believe this jetliner was blown out of the sky scattering body parts and debris up to 5-6km. I don't believe any 'airliners' crashed that day. Pre-shot video, planted real time video, Wescam technology, CGI images, bluescreen technology, media terrorism and video embedding techniques like layering were used to create the 'event' on TV.

Those of us with a firm grasp on the truth have been forced to prove that all of the official 'accounts', official theories and 'eyewitness' video contain fake/CGI/cartoon planes. Remember physics class in high school. End of story.

Who Benefits?
Make up your own mind. What did you really see? We believed the government's version of the rest of the story. Think about what you are looking at and in what context. Eventually you realize that these buildings were destroyed and they did not need jetliners to crash into them to achieve this end. This was a planned event, with a very quick on the trigger planned response.

Look at the end result, Cui Bono - who benefits? You, me, us - no way! The military industrial complex, the parties who stole gold from building WTC 4, certain governments, security firms, indictees (whose evidentiary SEC and EEOC documents for trial resided in WTC 7), and oil conglomerates benefited. Other parties who benefited were the corrupt ones who privatized then insured the towers for a terrorist event (June 2001), insider traders, stockholders of military industrial complex businesses and stockholders of oil conglomerates.

Last but not least, we now live in a police state not unlike one Middle Eastern country has to exist because of its' apartheid like system and fascist leaders. One MOSSAD spy caught on 9-11 in New York told the arresting officers, 'we are not your problem, the Palestinians (Muslims/Arabs) are your problem'. He was right. Who suffered after 9-11? Who had cruise missiles rammed down their throats. This is a sad commentary. Psychopaths are in charge. It is time to eliminate them from the equation before they eliminate us.

Police State
The police state is just around the corner Canada! Get your RFID chips here! Just recently, from June, US Customs and Border Patrol will take a fingerprint scan of international travelers exiting the United States from Detroit, while the US Transport Security Administration will take fingerprint scans of international travelers exiting the United States from Atlanta. Welcome to the police state!
Watch: America: Freedom to Fascism

One More Point
Reporters and the mainstream media should be asking these questions. Unfortunately they have bought into the lie and even try to peddle the lie. They have failed us badly. Some would even say their actions border on criminal behaviour. However, there is a bright side. This failure to expose the smoke and mirrors show clearly illustrates that mainstream media (this includes the CBC, Canadian armed forces spokespersons and any talking head that refers to Bin Laden being responsible or tries to pawn off the 'official' version of events) cannot be trusted. Eventually mainstream media lies will fade away and be replaced by more competent Internet/alternative media outlets. Prostituting themselves while trying to sell us this charade does give real meaning to the term 'media whore'.